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 Our award-winning varieties are rich in CBD and the powerful cannabinoid, CBG. They contain highly active ingredients and are suitable for the complementary treatment of various ailments on a natural basis. 



Hemp is one of the oldest crops on earth and is known from antiquity to be an incredibly versatile natural resource. It is used not only to produce ropes but also as a decorative plant, as a raw material for edible or essential oils, as an active ingredient in medicines and as a natural intoxicant The illicit use of the psychoactive plant compound THC and its intoxicating effect have long obscured an accurate perception of the full potential and beneficial use of Cannabis. For example, did you know that cannabinoids are very important to the function and development of the human organism and are, surprisingly, also present in breast milk?

Numerous studies and empirical reports suggest that cannabinoids can bring about significant relief from many physical disorders in humans and animals. When consumed for personal pleasure or as a remedy - for example as a tobacco substitute or food supplement - they increase a sense of well-being without causing side effects.

Promoting health, cultivating individuality, experiencing gentle healing, enjoying excellent quality, being confident of the product’s origin, guaranteeing sustainability, supporting local production, incorporating international know-how, preserving culture and discovering new things - all these contribute to quality life today, in the 21st century.





This is our motivation for continually focusing our daily business on maximising the healing power of this plant and its enormous potential.

the art of cannabis


Our hemp varieties are rich in CBD and CBG, and we strive to produce and offer select plants whose active ingredients meet the highest standards. These active ingredients are suitable for use in alternative medical products, as additives in cosmetics, and for refining into food products or as a tobacco substitute.

In addition, we offer high-quality products from first-rate European and American partners.

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We act carefully.
We learn from experience.
We cultivate perfection.
Only in this way are we able to extract the full potential of Cannabis while maintaining the best quality.


Our proprietary research and development facilities encompass a comprehensive center for precise analytics and genetics. We are convinced that innovation in the hemp industry is essential, and thanks to modern research methods we are beginning to understand why hemp is considered such a magical plant. In addition, we believe it is incumbent upon us to drive sustainable progress in the industry within Switzerland.



Because transparency is crucial to us we document our research, production and sales processes in detail at every level. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, and our quality controls are verified by specialized independent laboratories.

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the art of cannabis


We are proud to work with the best botanists, scientists and producers because we believe that the highest quality can only be achieved through smart teamwork and equitable cooperation. Our partners are experts who, like us, strive for the highest standards.



Professional staff patiently cultivate the delicate seedlings of selected strains in bio-certified greenhouses. During the growth phase, the plants enjoy optimum conditions achieved through state-of-the-art irrigation and ventilation systems, allowing them to mature into strong and healthy plants. Only then are they carefully harvested by hand, as they would have been in ancient times. Each flower is individually cut, peeled and then slowly dried at the optimum temperature.



In medicine, CBD is primarily considered of interest for the treatment of cancer, chronic pain and neurogenic diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, a pain-reliever and, in contrast to THC, is not psychoactive.



Our plants contain high levels of CBG. This enables us to be one of the world's leading suppliers of this active ingredient and a strong partner to the pharmaceutical industry, amongst others. Studies increasingly show that this non-psychoactive substance can be widely used in a variety of ways such as for pain relief, cancer therapy and multiple sclerosis treatments.



This cannabinoid is psychoactive, and because the consumption of THC makes consumers "high", it remains strictly regulated by law in many countries. Without exception, our products contain a very low concentration of THC, always meeting the specific legal requirements, whether for the Swiss market or for those abroad.

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the art of cannabis


Weedz Ltd specializes in producing and selling high quality cannabis products. We focus on plants with high CBD and CBG content. As the pioneer distributor in Europe, we offer our customers the active ingredient CBG in highly concentrated form.

We are both a producer and wholesaler, with many years of experience in the field of cannabinoids and in supplying a wide variety of industries.


Dr. Konrad Hurni
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Volkan Kaymaz
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Yilmaz Simsir
Chief Operation Officer (COO)


Craig Arnold
Representative weedz USA

the art of cannabis


If you have any questions about what we offer, would like to know more about a specific product or if you are looking for a co-operation partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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